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photo courtesy of

The Ranger Memorial Foundation

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The Ranger Family wishes to 

offer condolences to those 

Ranger families who had a Ranger

  Killed In Action. 


Your Ranger is listed on the 

WWII Ranger Wall, appropriately

 located on Sacrifice Field, 

Fort Benning, Georgia.


If we can help you locate Ranger 

buddies, or their families, please 

contact us.



photo courtesy The Descendants of WWII Rangers, Inc.

WW II Ranger Wall


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American Battle Monuments - Cemeteries

National D-day Museum and Memorials

Omaha-Flowers of Remembrance

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Rangers Lead the Way!
A more elite soldier who arrived by land or sea ...  


We are the families of World War II Rangers.  The Descendants of World War II Rangers is the official group appointed by our WW II Rangers to survive them.  We include spouses of WW II Rangers and the Rangers’ sons, daughters, nieces,     nephews, and all of their lineal descendants for future generations.    For example, if your father, grandfather, or uncle was a WWII Ranger, you are a legal Descendant.   Even if your great uncle or your great grandfather was a WWII Ranger, you are a legal Descendant.  The connection is DNA related, but it also includes those persons who are legally adopted by a Descendant.

The Descendants of World War II Rangers is the consolidation of two organizations :  The “Ranger Battalions Association of World War II”, known as the RBA, and the “Sons & Daughters of World War II Rangers”, known as the S&D.  Our WWII Rangers met every two years since 1945 until they were few in number.  The S&D was organized in 2001 to assist the RBA and to carry on the legacy of our WW II Rangers. 

With the passing of so many WW II Rangers, the surviving Rangers voted at their RBA meeting in 2011 to consolidate the two organizations.  The result of  consolidating the RBA and the S&D is the Descendants of World War II Rangers,Inc., a New Jersey 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. 


If you are a Descendant you already belong to a small elite group of WW II Ranger family members who are committed to honor and remember.  When you join us, you formalize your commitment to honor your Ranger who was a member of the most elite group of warriors in the world in World War II.  We need you.  It is the least each of us can do, and it is a small price to pay,  to insure that our WW II Rangers’ sacrifices and accomplishments  will never be forgotten.  Membership application links are found in several places on this site. Do it now, please. 


  1.      To perpetuate the history of the men who served with the United States Army Rangers in World War II.
  2.      To maintain and upkeep all memorials created in their honor.
  3.      To arrange for reunions at the pleasure of the membership.
  4.      To memorialize and perpetuate the memory of all WW II Rangers.
  5.      To educate and inform those seeking information and history of the WW II Rangers. 

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