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U A message from Sandy Boyd

President, Descendants of WWII Rangers

To contact: hboyd@satx.rr.com  



Descendants of WWII Rangers

2015-2016  Elected Officers


President: Sandy Boyd

Secretary: Andrea Buchanan

Treasurer: David Williams

At-Large:  Nancy Taube

At-Large:  Laura Moore

   2017 Reunion: Columbus, GA
( Fort Benning, GA)


Chairperson:  David Williams

                  Message from the President 

           The  Descendants of WWII Rangers



April 2016

Hello, Ranger Family and Friends,

This has been a busy year for your Board!

The elected  Board members at the September 2015 General Meeting were: President- Karla Merritt,Vice President- Sandy Boyd, Treasurer– David Williams, Secretary– Andrea Buchanan and Member At Large – Nancy Taube.

In November, for personal reasons, Karla Merritt resigned as President.  Sandy Boyd, Vice President, has become President, with the vote of the Board. Laura Moore has become an additional Member at Large. Work has continued by the Board!

The most notable actions have been:

1. The 2016 Reunion in Tampa has been cancelled. Our next Reunion will be at  Columbus, GA, near Fort Benning 2017, when we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Rangers.  It will be a grand affair to honor the memory of the accomplishments and sacrifices of our Rangers.

2. David Williams is the Chairman of the History Committee, and has members representing each Ranger Battalion.   We have a new member, Renee Lomell, who will be in charge of organizing the obituaries of WWII Rangers on our web site.

3. Nancy Taube is Chairman of the Membership Committee, and is hard at work. As part of the work of that Committee, the dues for Active members have been raised to $35 per year. Dues have been the same for 15 years, and the cost of running the Descendants organization has gone up. Stay tuned for a new category of membership for youth!

4. Ron Hudnell is Chairman of the Memorial Committee. The landscaping around the Ranger Memorial at Sacrifice Field at Ft. Benning will soon be completed.

5. Finances are beingorganized into budget categories for better planning as we look to the future needs of remembering our WW II Rangers.

We welcome your ideas to make Descendants a vibrant and interesting organization! Encouraging our children and grandchildren to become members and to learn about the fascinating exploits of our Ranger fathers, grandfathers, uncles and other relatives will make history come alive for them. And the story will live on!


Rangers Lead The Way!

Sandy Boyd, President

Honoring Jack B. Street, 1stBn


As Descendants of WWII Rangers, our purposes are:

  1. To perpetuate the history of the men who served with the United States Army Rangers during World War II.
  2. To maintain and upkeep all memorials created in their honor.
  3. To arrange for reunions at the pleasure of its membership
  4. To memorialize and perpetuate the memory of all Battalion Rangers
  5. To educate and inform those seeking information and history of the Rangers.


                                 Click here to access a Printable Membership Form